India’s First National Time-Use Survey 2019: Critical Perspectives

November 2020 

Women in India spend up to 352 minutes per day on domestic work which is 577 per cent more than men (52 minutes) (OECD). Making women’s “invisible” unpaid work “visible” through the use of Time-Use Survey (TUS) is one of the most effective ways to highlight the unequal distribution of unpaid work and women’s significant contribution to the national economy. India’s first national TUS 2019, an era long gap of 20 years, confirms the data on gender disparity in unpaid work. Coinciding with the Time Use Week 2020, the webinar will focus on the importance of time-use survey data for the analysis of the unequal gender distribution of paid and unpaid work and initiate discussion on the key findings, methodological strengths and weaknesses, and legal and policy implications of the TUS 2019. Also, the webinar will contemplate on the agenda for research and advocacy on time use and on engendering data systems in the Global South.

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