Symposium on Wages for Housework

4 – 6th March 2021 

Women in India spend up to 352 minutes per day on domestic work which is 577 per cent more than men (52 minutes) and at least 40 per cent more than the women in China (234 minutes) and South Africa (250 minutes) (OECD, 2017). Time-use data from 2019 gathered by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) revealed that more than 80 per cent of women and girls above 6 years engaged in unpaid domestic work, compared to over a quarter of men. Unpaid domestic and care work (UDCW) is thus highly gendered and highly unequally distributed in India.

Watch Session 1: Herstories of Wages for Housework
Chair & Moderator: Samita Sen, University of Cambridge

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