Conversations on social reproduction: Understanding Sex Work through the Lens of Caste and Gender

A conversation concerning the recent Supreme Court order in the Buddhadeb Karmaskar case recognising the right to dignity of sex workers. Several dalit, bahujan and adivasi feminists have disagreed with this framing of the Supreme Court on the issue of sex work. Hence we are bringing together sex workers from the All India Network of Sex Workers, academics and legal professionals working on caste and gender to discuss the SC’s order. This 90 minute Conversation will be moderated by Prof Sameena Dalwai.

  • -Retort 1 from Abhinaya Ramesh: ‘The initiating statement by Prabha Kotiswaran ,that ‘Dalit women are always sexually available’ does not give clear meaning but gives multiple meanings so it should not be there’.
  • Retort 2 from Abhinaya Kemble:  ‘Dr.  Ambedkar never said about the dalit women as sexual being for upper caste men; Samina’s translation, explanation and paraphrasing of my views misses the context of my articulation.   Her expression about the difference,  that upper caste women and Dalit women with their difference that upper caste are gharelu and Dalit women face sexual violence from Brahmin men, is not the context of my expressions’.
  • Retort 3 from Abhinaya Kemble:  ‘The summarisation may lead to a false impression that I disbelieve in the women in prostitution, actually  I am with them. I am against the system of exploitation, abuse and violence, and not those who are exploited and oppressed by these intersecting systems’.

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