Our Third Annual Lecture in the Laws of Social Reproduction was held on September 16th, where Prof. Verónica Gago spoke on Social Reproduction and Financial Extractivism’. She was chaired by Prof. Kumkum Sangari. Find out more and watch the event recording here.

Revaluing Unpaid Work: The Case of The Orunodoi Scheme In Assam
The 2021 state assembly elections offered a unique and unexpected opportunity for the recognition of women’s unpaid domestic and care work through the promises of unconditional cash transfers. 
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SC Order Grants Dignity To Sex Work But It Is Far From Being Decriminalised
Prof Prabha Kotiswaran was recently quoted in the following article on the Supreme Court Order of May 19th 2022 Upholding the Right to Dignity of Sex Workers
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How Indian Courts Value Unpaid Domestic Work
The invisibility and lack of recognition of unpaid domestic and care work results in gender inequality and women’s disempowerment.
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International Sex Workers’s Rights Day 2022
‘The Laws of Social Reproduction Project participated in the International Sex Worker’s Right Day on 03.03.2022, organized by Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee ( DMSC) and All India Network of Sex workers (AINSW) in Sonagachi, Kolkata’s red light district.
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