Work Packages

Children and Young People India Mandawa

Find out more about the different work packages the ‘Laws of Social Reproduction’ research project team will be working on: 


The normative package aims to: 

  • Articulate a materialist feminist theory of reproductive labour; 
  • Revitalise feminist legal theory on the economy through a distributional analysis of the laws of social reproduction 

The empirical package, which aims to consolidate and supplement, through new empirical research, the study of the political economies and legal ethnographies of:

  1. Sex work
  2. Erotic dancing
  3. Commercial surrogacy
  4. Paid domestic work
  5. Unpaid domestic and care work

With the aim of improving women’s economic bargaining power.


The regulatory/policy package aims to catalogue for each sector:

  • innovative economic models,
  • legal and governance tools,
  • policy proposals (including local experimental measures and radical blue-sky ideas)

With the aim of enhancing women’s economic bargaining power.

Political Impact

The political impact package aims to:

  • Shift political sensibilities by dissolving discursive and policy silos between these sectors.
  • Build solidarities.